Building and hosting applications empowered by the Google infrastructure

Today I opened Google Reader and immediately a bunch of Google-related headlines jumped into my eyes: "Google Apps Engine". Having already some ideas in mind of what it could be I "flew" over the news articles and it was actually the thing I've been already waiting for a long time. I was not yet able to test the new Google service, but summarizing it in one sentence it allows you to develop your applications by making use of Google infrastructures such as GFS and Bigtable and to let it be hosted directly on Google's servers. Sounds great, doesn't it?? And by the way, since I've also a Google Apps account with a custom domain (, it will be great because I've read something that you will be able to assign your custom Google Apps domain to your application hosted over Apps Engine.
At the moment Google Apps Engine is just open for about 10,000 developers for testing. I was lucky to register early enough so I already got an active account. Applications will have to be written in Python but more languages will be added over time (hopefully also support for Java, otherwise I have to dive into Python programming...which actually would be too bad :) ).
Here are some useful links since I don't want to repeat things:

Posts about Google Apps Engine
Apps Engine Links:




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