TIS Free Software Center: 60 minutes for developers

Today I attended the first of the series of 4 seminars titled "60 minutes for developers", organized by the Free Software Center in collaboration with the CASE center of the Free University of Bolzano (my "ex"-University actually :) ). This seminar's topic was "Eclipse RCP" which stands for Eclipse Rich Client platform. I went to it since I'm currently working on Devbook, a personal project which I'm developing on top of Eclipse RCP. The seminar, hold by Andrejs Jermakovics - a University student - was however more an introduction to the Eclipse platform where he gave an overview of its structure, the plugins and the RCP in general. So since I'm already working with RCP applications for more or less a year now it was nothing new for me.
I find the initiative however very interesting. Although Eclipse RCP exists already for more years now, it is - if at all - just rarely used in software companies here in South Tyrol. Window and layout management, automatic updating, modular and extensible design with plugins, fragments and features and product branding are just some of the features and advantages provided by the Eclipse RCP environment. It can for sure be said that it is an innovative and emerging technology in the Java development sector wherefore it become an interesting and attractive alternative for our local industry in the next years.

Links related to Eclipse
http://www.eclipse.org/equinox-portal/ (New Eclipse Equinox Server-side initiative)

Next upcoming "60 min. for developers" seminars:
Thursday, 27.04.2008, 2-3 PM: Ajax
Friday, 23.05.2008, 2-3 PM: Subversion
Friday, 27.06.2008, 2-3 PM: Zimbra
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