Stage with Kaiso Hiroo Mochizuki

As mentioned I've been practicing Yoseikan already for 9 years now. Usually once per month we meet at Brunico for the Yudansha Kai, where we train together with Roman Patuzzi, a direct student of Yoseikan founder Hiroo Mochizuki.
Yesterday we had the opportunity that Hiroo Mochizuki itself, founder of Yoseikan Budo and son of Minoru Mochizuki, came to the Honbu Dojo at Brunico for a stage. I had the luck to gain a place for participating since there was a limit of about 50 athletes due to a lack of space. I already saw him 5 years ago at an international stage in Rimini. At that time however I was in the initial years of my Yoseikan practicing wherefore you don't really understand all the things. Now, having the 1st DAN (black belt) in Yoseikan, I have a bigger knowledge and so I also understand things much better. The stage yesterday was great. Apart from his ability, 9 DAN Karate Do, 8 DAN Aikido Yoseikan, 8 DAN Nihon Ju Jutsu and 7 DAN Iaido, just to mention some, he is very great from an interpersonal perspective. He knows how to inspire and delight people which impressed me a lot.
He basically didn't show us really new things but he explained us some basics really in deep and he mainly demonstrated us the concepts behind some techniques. Some things are really that simple, I'd say nearly banal, but you have to really understand them in deep. It's like a key you have to get and that's what he gave us. And then how he moves's impressing with which speed, having in mind that he's already 72 years old.
But now I stop to bore you, you have to experience it by yourself. I'll post some pictures of the stage, as soon as I've prepared them.




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