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My new domain: js-development.com

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Right! That's my new domain. Finally I've bought one. I planned to do that already for a longer time, but till now there was never really the need for one. So since I'm currently planning to set up a new page where I can collect and publish all of my projects (of course I'll put a link here when I've finished it) I thought it may be the right time to buy me a domain. My aim was always to minimize the effort for publishing on the web as much as possible since free time, beside work and training and girlfriend (no I'm joking of course ;) ) is scarce. Furthermore you won't publish much if you have to hack your HTML code each time :)
So I decided to open a Google Apps account, first because I'm already familiar with the most Google technologies and second because it offers you a lot of possibilities with mostly no cost where on the other site you would have to pay extra at other DNS providers. The domain registration can be done at http://www.google.com/a either directly over Google which has the advantage that all your services get directly configured by Google itself or you can buy your domain and then connect it to a Google Apps account. It is really cool since you can have a bunch of subdomains for no cost. The only thing you have to do is to add the necessary CNAME to your DNS configuration and let it point to ghs.google.com. I'll put the definitive "www" page of my domain online in the next days.
Well back to my domain, as you may have seen, this blog here is now available under http://blog.js-development.com. Users will be redirected automatically from my old domain http://juri-strumpflohner.blogspot.com. It will be interesting to see whether my positions in the Google search results will remain as good as they have been till now. Currently I'm experimenting with the new Google Sites project, which opened (for now) only for Google Apps users. It is basically the outcome of former JotSpot which has been acquired by Google. I thought to maybe use GSites for my project page, although I nearly had a solution in place. I combined Google Docs and Google Mashups for having a responsive and easily modifyable page. Maybe I'll publish it here, just as an example since someone could be interested in it.
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