Divshare, Dropbox and the still misterious GDrive

Recently several new online services cut its way to me over Google Reader. Those services offer the user a certain amount of "managed" webspace. "Managed" because users cannot access directly to this webspace over an FTP connection but through a provided end-user interfaces (web or desktop client).
The first service I heared of - and already signed up - is Divshare. Alex told me about it. It is a nice service which gives you 5 GB of webspace for free. Moreover you can upload files of a size up to 200 MB. Files can be organized in folders and shared with friends through a unique download URL.
The second service is Dropbox. It just went into private beta today. So you'll have to get an invitation for participating in this initial phase. In the mean time you can however take a look at the screencast. It seems to be a very interesting and new innovative way of sharing your files with others. It's impressing to see how files are automatically synched. Somehow it remembers me to an advanced version control system like SVN or CVS. Dropbox seems to be a lot more advanced than Divshare. Mainly its usage seems to be a lot easier due to the integrated Python-based desktop client. I cannot wait to get an invitation :) Here's a digg about it.
Talking about this, the "misterious" GDrive comes into my mind. Every now and then you hear some rumors around the web about its existence and that's already in use internally at Google. It will be interesting to see how these services will continue to compete...



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