Instant translation with Google Translate

Although living in Italy (South Tyrol), my native language is German and still I prefer to write my blog in English - as you see. First of all that's because I studied Computer Science at the University in English and it's therefore much more intuitive to use it for the mostly technical stuff on this blog here. Secondly it renders everything much more international which addresses a much bigger amount of people. And finally I can keep my English-knowledge a little up-to-date, now after the University.
Well, why am I telling you all these things? As you may have noticed, I placed a language gadget on the upper right corner of my blog. It allows to instantly translate it in a series of different languages for those who either don't understand English or just want to read everything in their native one. I tried it out for those languages I personally know (German and Italian) and it works quite well, although the construction of the sentences is not always correct. The overall result however is really good - meaning one understands also in the translated result what was the message of the post.
Just try it out, although I still suggest you to read my blog in its original language :) For more services around translation just check out Google Translate.



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