How to open docx files??

First of all: I forgot my blog's "birthday" :D On the 9th february this blog here became 1 year old. My resumé of 1 year of blogging?? Well, mostly what's written already here. There would be so many interesting things to write about but I'm really occupied at the moment. Time is short, unfortunately :). But I'll for sure try to cover some of the topics I mentioned at the end of this post.
But now to the topic of this one. I just had to help my brother opening a .docx file and thought some of you may be interested in it. Docx is the new format produced by Microsoft Word 2007. More info's can be found here (I don't want to be redundand ;) ). So if you're using an MS Office product that is older than 2007, e.g. 2003 or 2002 you may be interested in installing the FileFormatConverter offered on the Microsoft Update site. Just download and install it and you will be able to open docx files with your old MS Word.



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