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Roundup of blogging-year 2007

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It's 2008!! I hope everybody of you had a good start. Well, I've seen that many bloggers post some kind of roundup, by summarizing the past year or by giving some stats. So I've decided to follow this habit - although I'm a little late. I find stats interesting since they provide you some feedback about your blog visitors.


Year Overview: Visitors

Visitor Distribution

Browser Types

Operating Systems

Traffic Overview

...where I still have to work on :)

Visitors Loyality

Visit Lengths

My Project of the Year
Projectname: News Mapper
URL: http://newsmapper.googlemashups.com
Online since: 20th October 2007
Number of visitors: 1,522 (1,832 page loads)
Blog posts: * Click *

Metrics need always an interpretation, otherwise they're useless. Well, I have to say that I'm quite satisfied with the number of visitors of this year. It is quite a nice number since I started this blog on February 2007. As can be seen from the visitors overview, visits started to constantly increase since the last 4 months, which I hope will go on in this way.
A nice point is that the number of visitors from search engines increased to a share of 1/3 (see traffic overview). That's due to a better ranking of my blog in search results, mainly on Google.
Where I still have to work on is on the visitor loyality and on the visit lengths. The situation is usually that people come to my blog from search engines, the look at a specific post, find/or don't find a solution to their problem and then they leave the site again. The number of visits and the duration is therefore quite short.
For the new year I plan to focus more on programming issues. Possible topics could be on developing Eclipse RCP applications, ORM with Hibernate, Spring, GWT,... I've still to see :) , usually I post things as they come me in mind.

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