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Congratulations Dott.ssa Stefanie Franchi

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I'd like to take the occasion to congratulate my girlfriend Dottoressa Stefanie Franchi to her successful graduation as Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mangement Sciences. Congratulations!!!

She began her studies at the School of Economics and Mangement of the University of Bolzano in the accademic year 2004/05. Being an ambitious, hardworking and very clever person she managed to finish all her exams with bravery.

In July '07 she then started to work on her thesis supervised by Dott. Stefano Lombardo. She has written a very nice work (~100 pages :O) about trademarks, in particular about the economic and normative aspects of the Italian trademark law: "Il diritto dei marchi: aspetti di law and economics".

English abstract:
The national trademark law has often been the subject of legal, but rarely of economic analysis.
The underlying thesis is therefore focused primarily on the identification and determination of the most significant economic principles and normative aspects, which emerged from the recent reform of
trademark law. The first argument presented in this work is the efficiency with which the Italian legislation has been able to satisfy the new economic needs. Another important aspect is the extent to which the principles of the two most significant economic theories, cited in the literature, have been taken into account within the framework of the reform. Furthermore a possible propensity towards one of those views on the part of the legislator is examined.
Dott.ssa Stefanie Franchi: "Il diritto dei marchi: aspetti di law and economics"
Yesterday was her "big" day. After six months of hard work and study she had to face up to her thesis defense.

Although a "little" nervous ;) the presentation went extremely well and she successfully graduated with 102/110 points!!!
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