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Red-Green color deficiency: whats that??

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Well, it is a special kind of color blindness and I'm actually one of those guys affected by it. Recently I thought about posting something about it for sharing my experience with others but a friend of mine - Manfred - was faster :) He wrote a very nice FAQ with a lot of information regarding this topic.

So, before posting things redundantly, I'm linking to his post:

And I say it once again:
  • It is neither a disease
  • There is a clear difference in being color blind or having a red-green deficiency! I see colors, just a little different than the majority of people (always the majority defines which things are "right" ;) ). I'm not only seing things in black-white.
  • We are able to drive normally, traffic lights do not pose any problem at all
However read Manfred's post on his blog... it answers most of the questions!
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