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News Mapper experiences a revival

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After I first published my Google Mashup project "News Mapper", it immediately got published first on the Google Code site of the GME project and then also on the Official GME blog. This clearly brought me a lot of traffic which kept on going over more weeks. The attention payed to News Mapper then decreased to an average of about 5 people / day.
Now, in the last 3 days, again more users started to visit News Mapper with a maximum of 324 users just yesterday :) . With my StatCounter logs I was able to see that most of the users came from the Google Mashup Directory blog. I don't think this is an official Google Blog. Anyway thanks for placing my project there, whoever is the owner of the blog ;)
Here is the direct link to the News Mapper entry:

You're welcome to place your rate there :D
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