GME starts to appear here and there

It seems as if Google uses their new Mashup editor in many other sites for making them more functional in a quick and easy way. That's also why it probably has been build: to quickly and easily create powerful apps with a lot of functions. For instance the Google Mashup Gallery has actually been build by using the Mashup editor (just take a look at the browsers URL). But also the example gallery of the newly released Open Social API of Google uses the Mashup editor for displaying a gallery of sample applications (actual mashup link). What they do is to import the mashup as an inline-frame on their site.
By the way, what I noticed is that there is no "View source" and "Login" link on the iframe which is placed on the sample applications gallery of the Open Social API gallery as it is automatically done on all created mashups. I discovered that this can be done by faking the application to be a Google Gadget which can be done by adding the attribute gadget="true" in the header-row of the GME application. Below there is for instance the one of my News Mapper application:
<gm:page title="Newsmapper" gadget="true" authenticate="false" css="/css/g.css" class="googleTheme" onload="init()"></gm:page>
This can be very useful as for instance when one wants to host his created mashup on his personal domain or another website than [project-name] (as it is done by Google itself on the Open Social page). In such a case the "View source" and "Login" link on the top-right corner would be disturbing in the iframe. Actually the "external hosting" on a personal domain could be a desirable future feature of the editor.
Anyway I recommend to leave the "view source" link where it is or to put it at least on some other place on your application (btw I placed it under the about section of my mashup). This can be done by just creating a link to the index.gml or any other source-file of the mashup that should be displayed. The GME's philosophy is to share the source code with others, wherefore there is also by default the "View source" link on every mashup. I think this should be respected, also because these apps are not that world-changing such that one gets rich with them :) . By letting the source open, others can learn. Copying is bad, but learning from existing code from others and improving those solutions or taking over parts of it (in this case you should credit the original author by placing his name + link etc) helps everybody.



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