Finally graduated!!!!

I cannot say how long I have been waiting for this moment. Tuesday of this week (16.10.) I finally graduated and achieved the doctor in Applied Computer Science (Bsc) as also my friends and student-colleagues Manfred, Hannes and Matthias. The work of my thesis was to develop a Mobile Posting System for the "First Life" project. It could be understood as a variant of traditional posting systems to mobile clients. Mobile programming was quite a nice experience, however, after 3 months of intensive work each day, I'm now quite happy that I have finished everything and successfully.

The exam itself was quite straightforward compared to the 3 months of work that were behind me. Anyway, one is usually quite nervous before such events :) .
After my exam I was surprised by my girlfriend Stefanie. Without telling me, she has organized together with Manfred's girlfriend Birgit drinks and invited our parents and friends. However that wasn't all. Before starting, me and Manfred had to change our clothes and wear typical tyrolean ones...what a disgrace :D ...After celebrating, at the end of the day we ended up in a chinese restaurant for having dinner! However see for yourself:
Thesis presentation

With this post I would like to thank my girlfriend Stefanie for having this great idea, my parents, Birgit (Manfred's girlfriend) and Martina for organizing all of this. It was really cool, thank you all!!



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