Blogger Buzz: Blogger Play: Watch the blogs go by

Today Blogger launched a quite nice feature. Well, actually it is not a feature that may be especially useful for Bloggers. They launched Blogger Play.
Blogger Play is a real-time slideshow of photos Blogger users have recently uploaded to their blogs. It's a great snapshot of what people are thinking and posting about, right now!
It is really cool and once you start looking at those images you cannot stop any more.

However, from a developer point of view it interesting to see that the complete interface is done with JavaScript and CSS. There is no Flash involved at all (as much as I've seen when quickly running over the source-code). That's really impressing as I think. Moreover the loading and switching of the images works without major interruptions or delays. By the way, I'm sitting behind an ISDN internet (56 Kbps) connection and I can perfectly view the slideshow, which is not the case for many other slideshows I've seen.
Another thing that came me immediately in mind is that Google has its own screensaver included in their Google Pack (left column of my blog it can be downloaded) software. It would be nice if the photos from Blogger Play could be included in that screensaver. For instance if Blogger Play offers an RSS feed or something or they include those pictures directly in the screensaver as a feature or option that can be turned on.




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