Google Talk JavaScript Client

Today, while scrolling over my Google Reader entries, a headline from the Google Operating System blog (not an official Google blog) got my attention: "JavaScript Google Talk".
Currently Google offers several options to chat:
Now, Zhou Renjian has written a JavaScript version of the popular GTalk which is worth for a post. Apparently it has been written in Java by using the Eclipse SWT UI components and Smack (a library for Jabber's XMPP). Afterwards it has been converted to JavaScript using Java2Script. It is really worth to visit and test the client. It almost looks as the real Gtalk desktop client.

It is interesting to see how Java and even SWT user interfaces can be converted to JavaScript. I've never tested it sounds fantastically however. The JavaScript client of GTalk communicates using Servlets (as I understood).

Another nice implementation of online messengers is Meebo. It is a page, where you can login and use GTalk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and AIM. From a developer point of view it is interesting to see the capabilities of webpages...also because Meebo doesn't use Flash (also if it is hardly believable by looking at the UI) but it uses AJAX.



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