Searched a Google Tasklist?? No? Anyway, take a look at this...

I've seen a lot of people in several online groups claiming that Google should implement some kind of tasklist, possibly integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar.
Today, I've had the pleasure to have an invitation for the Google Mashup in my Gmail inbox (I'll soon explain how this relates to the tasklist ;) ). Since at the moment they allow only a limited number of people to sign-up for it, I had to wait now quite a couple of weeks.

Google Mashup Editor is an AJAX development framework and a set of tools that enable developers to quickly and easily create simple web applications and mashups with Google services like Google Maps and Google Base. Google Mashup Editor is a great tool for grabbing information from feeds and letting users see and manipulate it.

Creating applications with Google Mashup Editor is simple and uses technologies you're familiar with. With our declarative XML tags, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, you can build applications in less time and with less work. For advanced developers, Google Mashup Editor allows you to be more expressive by tapping into our JavaScript API.
(from Google Code site)
And now there comes the tasklist into play. Till now I didn't have the time to explore the Mashup Editor in more detail, since I have to work on a project for my thesis, but I've taken a look and some Mashup examples where I also found a nice, very simple tasklist. There are a lot of other examples such as Calendar, Map Wiki, Simple Feed Reader, Tabs, ... to only mention some of them. You see the full source code of all of them which is quite interesting to look at. I actually didn't have time now (as I mentioned previously), but the code looks very concise...for instance the Tasklist code fits into 1 to 2 pages.
As soon as I have time I'll take a deeper look at the Mashup Editor and maybe write some post...
Here are some first screenshots




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