Huge update to GDocs interface

Google has done a huge update to the main Google Docs user interface. One of the major changes was to add support for "folders" which allows for better management of all the different documents. Before they had some kind of tagging system similar to the labels in Gmail. The new solution now works much better, also because people are more used to the organization with folders than with tags or labels. For assigning new documents to folders you can just drag and drop them to the desired location (see pic below). This implementation is very nice and it once again shows the extreme capabilities Google is able to take out of their Ajax technology. In this way their applications are much more responsive, especially if you're sitting in front of a PC with a low-speed Internet connection (as I am :D ).
I think the new layout is one of the preparations of the launch of Google's Presentation Service
It also seems to me that the new layout of GDocs became more similar to "Microsoft-like" layouts such as Windows Live Mail or Outlook Web Access, with a navigation bar on the left and also with the special effects when moving the mouse over the buttons. But still it is intuitive and easy to overlook.

Why use such "online office systems"? It's just for playing around but nothing productive!
I think that is one of the most statements users give. I personally used such services very rarely till now, also because you don't need it just for yourself. Intuitively you will use your local hard disk to save your documents etc...The point is that services like GDocs may only be useful if you have data that you want to share with other people. Assume you're working on a project where more people are working on different things. In such a case GDocs may be useful, also because the usual versioning systems like Subversion or CVS are more for text-files and source-files (which are basically text-files) as for rich text documents. In such situation it may be the right moment to use online office systems.

Feature suggestions
Recently, when I started to set-up some documents on GDocs in preparation for a project I'm doing, I noticed that an extremely nice feature or better feature update would be to have the possibility of sharing entire folders or at least multiple files at the same time. The idea would be to have a folder which is shared with more people and every document which is put inside that folder, will be automatically shared with all of them. That would be much more useful than only being able to share document by document.

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