GPC team finally replies to user request

Some time ago I complained about the missing possibility in Google Page Creator to delete a created site. A lot of people complained about it on the official GPC Group without any reaction from the part of the Google Page Creator team.
Now, after a user started a petition requesting the feature of deleting a site, the GPC team finally replied:

The ability to delete sites is something we already have on user
suggested features list to consider. It's gonna depend on how we feel
about it, and the potential ramifications of allowing this to be used
(security, potential for abuse, etc..). There is no need to start a
petition, but if you really feel compelled to do so, be my guest,
although I must ask that you quit posting this in every section.

Google Page Creator Guide
Just for personal interest I started to do a little (very informal) statistic about the responsiveness of the following teams: Gmail, Google Reader, Google Page Creator and Google Docs and Spreadsheets. As I mentioned I did this very informally by just counting the total number of posts in each of the corresponding Google Groups. I evaluated the responsiveness of each team just by counting the amount of posts the "Gmail Guide" or "Google Docs & Spreadsheets Guide 1 and 2" did. The numbers clearly cannot be taken as absolutes since I may have missed some posts, but I think it reflects the general behavior of each of the groups. Another thing is that I didn't consider all the different group blogs. To have a full vision, one would also have to take a look at the activity of the corresponding blogs, where the different teams continuously give comments about released features and about those, they are working on.

Overview of different team responsiveness

Gmail Team
Group URL: [click]

Team Posts: 201
Total Posts: 363,992

The diagram is basically non-sense since the low number of 201 (~0.06%) posts over a total of 363,992 is not even shown.

Google Reader Team
Group URL: [click]

Team Posts: 650
Total Posts: 16,241

Google Page Creator Team
Group URL: [click]

Team Posts: 291
Total Posts: 32,537

Google Docs & Spreads. Team
Group URL: [click]

Team Posts: 1,034
Total Posts: 32,903

According to the diagrams above, Google Labs Reader "wins the race" since it has the most posts related to its size. About ~4% of the total posts are from the Google Reader team. Anyway I have to put a note here: By Google Reader Team I intend Mihai Parparita, one of the Google Reader Engineers, which invests a lot in replying to the user community.
However, the team that impresses most in terms of responsiveness is the Google Docs & Spreadsheets team. They invest a lot of their effort in keeping their user community happy by replying to posts or just giving notes about the current development and/or new features. They often also directly ask the community for their opinion regarding some newly implemented features such as the new layout of GDocs they recently released for the public. I like their way, they are communicating with the users. In this way they can ensure to go into the right direction and to keep their users happy which on the other side results in great success for the whole project.

Another aspect of my little "statistic" is that the size of the different groups. Clearly with an increase in size it takes much more effort to review all the posts and even more to reply to them...Considering for instance the 9 people large Google Reader team, reviewing and managing all the posts becomes quite a lot of effort although their Google Group is comparably small.
This is also a possible explanation for the low response rate of the Gmail team which has a total of 363,992.
The following diagrams shows the sizes measured by the total number of posts on each group:

Generally I think that the feedback from users is extremely important. It gives the necessary feedback to be sure the project evolves in the right direction. That's maybe also why Google in general tries to have a large and active user community.
From the side of the user (especially as a software developer as in my case) it is also nice to see that you can (in some way) influence the development, by giving feedback about features and by sending bug reports.



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