What "sucks" about Google Page Creator

Google Page Creator has a nice idea: Let people - without any major knowledge in HTML or web design - create and publish easily their own webpage.
What are those big advantages?
  • you don't have to have an own domain, it will be hosted by Google at http://[your-google-account].googlepages.com
  • you don't have to deal with a webserver or use an FTP to upload your stuff
  • 100MB of webspace available for your page --> easy and direct upload over Google Page Creator
  • WYSIWYG editing
  • predefined stylesheets (a cons for experienced users)
  • ...
About half a year ago (I think), however, Google Page Creator released a feature to create multiple sites (up to 5) with one Google Account. I found it to be a nice and useful improvement and immediately created a new site to test it.

So what did I do? I typed in the domain "xy" (with the intention to maybe use it later on) and a new page has been created, available at http://xy.googlepages.com. Everything just worked out fine till the point (some month later) when I wanted to create a completely separate Google account for that domain "xy", first, in order to have it separately from my personal Google account and second to get also all the features like Gmail, Picasaweb etc...Clearly it was not possible to create a Google Account with the name "xy" since this would have resulted in a name-conflict with my previously created domain. So I just opened Page Creator with the intention to delete the old domain xy.googlepages.com.

I just couldn't believe as I didn't found any link or button in the Page Creator's Setting page to remove the created page. I browsed for it on the forum and a hundred of posts popped up, requesting the missing functionality. There are some posts, but no usable answer or even an entry of the Page Creator developer team such that the User Community would at least know that they're working on it or not. I personally don't understand the reason why this functionality wasn't added yet. At least - if for some reason they are not able to delete created pages - they should warn the user, when he creates a new page. What if somebody accidentally makes a typo in his domain-name??? :D good look then..

I just hope they will change this, and add a "delete site" functionality soon or at least they should put a note about it on the forum.



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