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The first step in a long way....

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I've always been a sporty person :). Already in elementary school I started to play soccer in a team, which I played for about nine years. But already earlier when I was 14, just after concluding middle school, I discovered my big passion for martial arts. That was the point when I started practicing Yoseikan Budo, a martial art founded by Hiroo Mochizuki.

Yoseikan is great, it combines all the efficiencies of the different martial arts like Karate, Judo, Aikido etc. Its manifoldness gives you endless possibilities of exploring and shaping your body and mind, to identify your own boundaries learning to handle or trying to overcome them. It really trains your body AND mind....I don't write that because it's the usual phrase people say when talking about martial arts, but I'm stating it here, because that's what I'm experiencing.
Moreover it balances perfectly my activity as a student of computer science...which means lots and lots of hours in front of the screen :D

Now, eight years after starting with Yoseikan, I concluded...what I would define as one, or the first step of a long (if not endless) way in that direction...the exam for the 1st DAN (black belt). "One step" or "endless" because you will basically never reach the end....meaning to reach a level of a 10th DAN is quite impossible for a person living in our modern world with appointments, stress etc...At such levels physical things don't matter any more...Your mind and body have to be in complete balance. There was one person, Minoru Mochizuki, the father of the founder of Yoseikan Budo as a martial art, which reached the 10th DAN of Aikido.
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