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Diving into a new area

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I never really got into the Linux world. Last year I installed Suse Linux, but I used it rarely, mainly for programming C which we needed for the "Data Structures and Algorithms" course. However I didn't get the feeling for using it...Now, since at the University workstation they installed Ubuntu, I set it up on a virtual machine, inside Windows, so just to try and see how it works. An I must say I started to like Ubuntu...I also tried out some variations of it, Kubuntu and Xubuntu. If one is very concerned about performance, Xubuntu is the best solution, since it tries to use GTK2 applications which are quite faster.
The key criterias for installing Ubuntu on my Notebook were mainly a working Internet connection, especially over wireless. As I mentioned I'm not a Linux guru, I know how to navigate on Linux, but that's it. Nevertheless I wanted to get more used to it, since I find it important to know also other Operating Systems. So I searched on the net and found the Ubuntu Ultimate Edition. It is an edition of the Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 version with a dozen of pre-installed software such as
  • Subversion & build tools
  • Wireless Internet integration
  • Bluetooth integration
  • PPP integration
  • Networking tools
  • 35 Additional fonts
  • Tons more themes
  • Repository driven Beryl
  • IPod support
  • Google Picasa
to mention only some of them. And that's nice I think, because especially as a Windows user, it is initially difficult to get used to Linux. I installed the distro on my hard-drive and it's great. Everything works perfectly, also wireless connections.
What regards the visual effects, Ubuntu is in no sense behind Vista :). The Ultimate Edition has already Beryl installed which comes with nice themes and a lot of visual effects as the video below shows

Of course all of those visual effects can be switched off easily :D if you get irritated ;).
Yesterday I saw that the authors of the ultimate distribution also launched a Ubuntu Gamers Edition.
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