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Add Mocha reporter for Karma unit tests to your Angular CLI project

Change the default progress reporter to a nicer looking Mocha reporter

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Create a CD pipeline with Angular, GitLab and Firebase

Learn to create a continuous deployment pipeline to deploy an Angular app to Firebase using Gitlab's integrated CI server

Angular   Angular CLI   continuous delivery  

Create a ng-true-value & ng-false-value directive for Angular

Remember the ng-true-value that existed in AngularJS (v1.x)? Let's create one for Angular and learn how to hook into Angular's form API


Compile-time vs. Runtime configuration of your Angular App

Learn how to setup compile time as well as runtime configuration for your Angular application


Update: Configure a proxy for your API calls with Angular CLI

I updated the article with some more details such as the changeOrigin flag but most importantly that the Angular CLI dev server is not meant to be used in...

Looking back on 2017

My personal recap of 2017


Three new Angular Courses to celebrate end of the Year 2017

Angular HTTP, Dynamic Components, Dynamic Forms


Use Dynamic Components to render HTML for 3rd party libraries

Leverage dynamic components to render HTML for a Leaflet popup message


Demystifying dynamic Forms in Angular

Learn how easy it is to create dynamic, reactive forms with Angular

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Understand How to Style Angular Components

My Egghead.io video course that teaches you everything you need to know about styling Angular components


Intercept HTTP Requests in Angular

Learn about the new interceptors introduced in Angular 4.3.1

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Create a dynamic tab component with Angular

Learn about advanced topics such as dynamic components, ComponentFactoryResolver, ViewContainerRef, ngTemplateOutlet and much more...


Enhanced *ngIf and *ngFor in Angular version 4.0.0

One of the main features added in Angular version 4 release are an enhanced *ngIf and *ngFor. Let's explore what they give us!


Talks: Web meets Mobile powered by Angular

Learn how to leverage Angular and web technology for creating compelling mobile apps

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Tuning Angular's Change Detection

Videos and runnable code samples to play around with change detection


Angular Modules vs ES6 Modules

Angular Modules are DIFFERENT from ES6 Modules, here's why


Video Course: Learning Angular Components

The 2nd edition of my video course on Learning Angular Components

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Talk: Testing with Angular - Some Recipes

My talk for Angular Hamburg on demoing some recipes for testing Angular applications

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Easy SSL support for your Jekyll Blog with CloudFlare

Learn how CloudFlare makes it easy to activate SSL for your blog


NG-BE Conf and the Angular Community <3

Thankful for having attended Belgium's first ever Angular conference

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Interviewing Igor Minar and Adam Bradley for AngularBeers

AMA with Igor Minar

JavaScript   Angular  

Ok.. let me explain: it's going to be Angular 4.0, or simply Angular

And from now on we will just call it Angular

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Configure Ahead of Time (AoT) for your Angular app using the Angular CLI

Learn how to leverage the true power of AoT compilation with the CLI

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Safe Navigation Operator, RxJS and Async Pipe tinkering

Learn how to use the async pipe to write elegant, RxJS powered async code

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Custom validators in template driven Angular forms

Learn what a validation factory function is and how to implement a validation directive to be added to your form controls

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Data bind radio button lists with Angular

Learn how to data bind radio buttons in Angular using unidirectional data flow

JavaScript   Angular  

Configure a proxy for your API calls with Angular CLI

Learn how to configure the Angular CLI to proxy API calls to your backend

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Let's create your first Angular app

It's time to get started. In this video I will help you create your first Angular app

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Angular: Using the JSONPipe for debugging

Remember the JSON filter in Angular 1? Here's how you can use it in Angular

JavaScript   Angular  

Angular: How do I get a reference to the window object?

Learn how to inject the window object into your Angular components

JavaScript   Angular  

Angular: How do I register an event listener on document?

Learn how to attach an event listener on the document object

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Angular version 2.0.0 released!!

After two years of intense development it has now been officially released

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Angular Forms - a first look

A first quick look at the new Forms API in Angular

JavaScript   Angular  

RxJS first steps - Subject and ReplaySubject

Let's get started with reactive programming

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From ng-controller to components with Angular 1.5

Driving your Angular frontend architecture to a new level

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Angular 2+ - A Getting Started Guide for Beginners

A gentle introduction to a local Meetup group

JavaScript   Angular.js   Angular  

Learning Angular 2 Directives

Learn how to build efficient Angular 2 directives with this fast and interactive video course

JavaScript   Angular.js   Angular  

Fine grained change detection with Angular

Ever heard about DoCheck or OnChanges in Angular components? Then read along..

JavaScript   Angular  

Debugging Angular Applications from the Console

Learn how to access useful information from your Angular components right from your browser's console

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Learning Angular: Creating a tabs component

A follow up on thoughtram's excellent article on creating a tabs components with Angular

JavaScript   Angular  

Learning Angular: Conditionally add styles to an element

Learn how to conditionally add styles to a DOM element in Angular

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About Personal Productivity

Some thoughts on optimizing my productivity

Multi Content Projection aka Multiple Transclusion

How named/multi-slot transclusion works in Angular

JavaScript   Angular  

Improve your Angular 1.x startup time

A neat and simple trick to give your app some boost

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Componentizing Workflow for Angular

A possible (mental) workflow to split up your static HTML into components

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Follow-up: EvolvingPublication