I’m Juri Strumpflohner, a years old software developer. Currently I work as a software architect and frontend developer at R3-GIS, here in beautiful South Tyrol (Italy) where my main tasks are on the frontend, doing JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS and Angular. I’m a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, an Egghead Instructor and happen to organize the Software Craftsmanship Meetup.

I’m also a freelance trainer and consultant, so feel free to contact me.


Feel free to ask me any question on my AMA repo or simply drop me a line at [email protected].

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Current Interests

I’m always learning and in search for new challenges. Here are some of my current fields of interest.

Egghead Instructor

Starting with May 2017 I’m now officially an Egghead.io Instructor. Sharing my knowledge, engaging with the community and teaching has become a passion for me. That’s ultimately the reason why I created this blog or why I co-founded a Meetup group. Egghead gives me the flexibility to bring this to a completely new level, allowing me to reach an even broader audience.

Check out my video lessons.

Public Speaking

Here are some of my public speaking events. Find more details here.


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Free time

In my free time I’m a passionate martial arts practitioner. I’ve been practicing Yoseikan Budo for roughly over 17 years now. I’m the owner of a 2nd Dan black belt and I also regularly teach martial arts classes.