About Me

Hey 👋, I’m Juri Strumpflohner, a years old software developer. Currently I work as a JavaScript Architect and Engineering Manager at Nrwl where I work on Open Source projects such as Nx and NxCloud and help clients succeed with their projects.

I’m a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, an Egghead Instructor, international speaker and happen to organize the Software Craftsmanship Meetup.


Feel free to ask me any question on my AMA repo or send me an email

You can find me also on

Current Interests

I have a variety of interests in the field of computer science. Right now I’m mostly focusing on the frontend web development, experimenting with the latest technology like web components, custom elements, progressive web apps and using frameworks like Angular.

Another passion of mine have always been software architectures, which is why I closely also follow the world of Microservices, distributed architectures, containerization etc.


Go to the main page for more details on my articles, consulting, speaking and Egghead 😃.

Aside from software dev?

I’m trying to spend as much quality time as possible with my family. Moreover I’m passionate about sports, especially calistenics and martial arts. I’ve been practicing Yoseikan Budo for roughly over 19 years now. I’m the owner of a 3rd Dan black belt and I also regularly teach martial arts classes.