I’m Juri Strumpflohner, a years old software developer. Currently I work in the role as a tech lead/architect for a local e-government company here in beautiful South Tyrol (Italy). I’m mainly doing full-stack development in C# and Java. Most of the time I’m on the frontend however, doing some heavy coding with JavaScript (Angular), which is also my main passion. I’m a tech reviewer for PacktPub, Author of a video course on Angular 2 and Software Craftsmanship Meetup organizer. I’m also a DZone MVB.


Feel free to ask me any question on my AMA repo or simply drop me a line at [email protected].

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Current Interests

I’m always learning and in search for new challenges. Here are some of my current fields of interest.

Public Speaking


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Free time

In my free time I’m a passionate martial arts practitioner. I’ve been practicing Yoseikan Budo for roughly over 17 years now. I’m the owner of a 2nd Dan black belt and I also regularly teach martial arts classes.