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Static code analysis for free

Plato gives you static code analysis for free. Now it’s your turn to use the data to your advantage


Hack: How to mimic a disabled checkbox

Use JavaScript to simulate a disabled checkbox which also gets sent back during the form submit

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French translation for my Webdev toolkit article

It's always nice when people contribute to your articles through comments or by resharing it with their mates. That said, I'm happy to announce that Philippe Poumaroux translated this article...

Implementing the 'Git flow'

How we use 'git flow' in one of our projects

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Node, Grunt, Bower and Yeoman - A Modern web dev's Toolkit

An introduction for ambitious newbies

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Lazy Angular Modules

Modularization strategy for lazy Angular modules

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First baby steps with Angular.js

Some of my notes from a recent AngularJS webinar


See, always told you: testing is just a waste of time

About the flamed debate around the death of TDD and why it isn't an excuse for not doing automated testing

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QCon London 2014 - Embracing Change - Building Adaptable Software with Events

My takeaways from the building adaptable software with events training

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Integrating Node.js with a C# dll

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Packt Video: JBoss EAP Configuration, Deployment and Administration

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Automating the build of MSI setup packages on Jenkins

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Decision making, problem solving, introducing ideas, being influencial

The often undervalued activities in software development

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Automate your UI testing with Nightwatch

Automated UI testing awesomeness based on Node and Selenium

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Git flow with Jenkins and GitLab

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JSConf.eu - React: Rethinking best practices


Boot your ajax app: Creating a splash screen with NProgress

Make your app look awesome

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The narrow path between best practices and over-engineering

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JBoss Weld CDI for Java Platform

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Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

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