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Start writing components

Angular v1 gives you great opportunities to write better directives which look more and more like Angular 2 components. Not only that'll help you in the case of an eventual...

Screencast: TypeScript - Setup Your Working Environment

Quick video on how to setup your working environment for playing around with TypeScript


REST Api Design - Resource Modeling

A summary from a post on Thoughtworks blog

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Angular Connect London - Day 2

Directly from Europe's biggest Angular Developer Conference

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Angular Connect London - Day 1

Directly from Europe's biggest Angular Developer Conference

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Release your libs like a pro!

Fully automated semantic releases to npm and bower


ES2015 - Jump Start

ES6: Get introduced to the next generation JavaScript

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Preparing for Angular 2

Collection of best practices to be ready for Angular 2

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Learning Angular: Testing $q promise resolves with Sinon and Jasmine

See how you can stub an async call and make it return a resolved promise

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Update: Jenkins, build all branches except master

Not only with Git flow, but in general when you work with feature branches and Merge/Pull requests it makes a lot of sense to automatically build those on your build...

Learning Angular: Expose an API on your directives

Using shared services and "API objects" to create a directive API

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How to undo (almost) everyting with Git

I've updated my "Git Explained: For Beginners" article to include a link to GitHub's recently published article about "How to undo (almost) anything with Git".

Guide as in Mountaineering

About the architect's role and social skills

GitHub: be Social, Contribute, Learn

How to properly contribute to a GitHub based open source project

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Jersey WebResource - Header don't get appended

WTF? Why does WebResource not send my headers??

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Nepal: Help for Anil Joshi

He lost his home during the earthquake


Migrate from TFS to Git

You're currently on TFS and would like to migrate to Git? This post shows you how, without loosing your history.


Update: Don't forget to polish your git history

Branching is what makes git so awesome. Creating feature branches is like creating your own playground where you can try and mess around, without affecting others. On those branches I...

Learning Angular: Set your language culture before any UI is displayed

Learn about angular-tranlsate's promises and how to make sure your language locales are loaded before any UI element

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