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Jersey WebResource - Header don't get appended

WTF? Why does WebResource not send my headers??

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Nepal: Help for Anil Joshi

He lost his home during the earthquake


Migrate from TFS to Git

You're currently on TFS and would like to migrate to Git? This post shows you how, without loosing your history.


Update: Don't forget to polish your git history

Branching is what makes git so awesome. Creating feature branches is like creating your own playground where you can try and mess around, without affecting others. On those branches I...

Learning Angular: Set your language culture before any UI is displayed

Learn about angular-tranlsate's promises and how to make sure your language locales are loaded before any UI element

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Learning Angular: Verifying whether a function has been passed to my directive's isolated scope

How can I verify whether a function property defined on my directive's isolated scope has been specified or not?

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Learning Angular: Access directive scope variables from directive controllers and vice versa

Learn how to use directive scope variables and access them from your directive controller

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Backup your Win8 computer to your Synology NAS

Learn how to backup your windows computer to your external backup drive

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Notes: Microservices by Martin Fowler

My notes and thoughts on Martin Fowler's talk about Microservices at XConf

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Happy new year 2015!


Kudos for your site - powered by Firebase

Learn how to add your own kudos to your blog or website

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Update: using push --force to update remote branch

When you use the "git-flow" pattern and you rebase with master often (which is suggested), you might come into synching conflicts with your feature branch's remote counterpart. In such case...

Updated my Sublime Text Setup

I slightly update my current Sublime Text setup, adding some new packages and UI Themes I use. Check it out if you like it.

Learning Angular: Useful utility functions

Angular has a series of built-in utility functions which might come in handy during development

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Learning Angular: Unit Testing $watch expressions

There's a difference in writing unit tests for controllers using the $scope syntax vs. those using the 'controller as' syntax.

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JavaScript Promises Essentials

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Learning Angular: What is the scope of your directive??

Watch out: Directive controllers do not necessarily behave like normal controllers

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Learning Angular: Gosh, my two-way binding doesn't seem to work properly!

MOAR dots... Watch out when binding your data. Do you pass it an object reference or a value?

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Sublime Tip: Enable spell checking when you write Markdown

You write lots of documents in Markdown, maybe your blog or documentation? This is going to be a lifesaver!

Introducing the learning-ng series

A series of short and concise articles presenting my findings as I master the Angular learning curve.

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